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>> Marketing

Koyobi Gaming LLC

Founded in 2016, Koyobi Gaming LLC is a community driven, eSports organization that hosts competitive and casual gaming events within the greater Charlotte area.


>> Responsibilities:

  •  Hosted Esports events for casual and competitive audiences in North Carolina.

  • Managed social media accounts and created high-impact promotional material for marketing based on SEO and KPI data.

  • Provided community outreach programs and networking events with an influential communication style.

Punchbunny LLC

Punchbunny LLC is an indie game company founded by Nathan Bezner of Charlotte, NC. He holds social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. Published titles include Tangol and Meteoroids on Android and iOS platforms.

>> Responsibilities:

  • Served as social media manager; published updates on published titles, managed TweetDeck.

  • Contributed to and promoted podcast series What's On The Pile across Twitter and Facebook presences.

  • Networked with other content creators and organized streams to boost Punchbunny LLC content awareness and amass followers.

Potions and Pixels

POTIONS & PIXELS is a nonprofit organization that utilizes games and education to create social impact.

>> Responsibilities:

  • Partnered with Potions and Pixels to host various gaming and educational events.

  • Served as vendor for ChARlotte AR Experience; a youth camp focused on playing, learning, & creating in Augmented Reality based on Charlotte's historical urban development.

  • Regularly met with founder, Michael Zytkow, to ensure all cross promotional material, such as collateral, pre-rolls and video ad content was reflective of the organization's branding and vision.

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