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Video Editing


WhatCulture Gaming Prompt
This was a sample episode for a potential video editing position with WhatCulture Gaming, a prominent YouTube channel that focuses on gaming and pop culture news/trends.
RK Motors Charlotte (YT Intro Draft)
This was made as a concept intro for RK Motors' YouTube videos, from previous channel footage. It was ultimately a proof of concept only, and serves to demonstrate personal video editing experience.
RK Motors Charlotte (YT Outro Draft)
This was made as a potential outro for RK Motors' YouTube videos, specifically for vlog and gallery content. 


Tangol (Features)
This was a tutorial video for Punchbunny LLC's published title, Tangol, that highlighted the game's features and gameplay.
Installing Roblox Studio (Tutorial)
This was a tutorial created under PowerUP USA, an after school program based in Charlotte for inner city youth, that focused on STEM learning. This course shell concentrated on learning introductory game engines, such as Roblox Studio.



Swarm Creative Brand Guidelines (Draft)
Swarm Creative is an in-development creative agency based in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was tasked with creating a draft of branding guidelines for the team based on provided instructions and content.

All content within slides are subject to change, as this is only a draft.
Shy Robo Telesys v1.0
This was the first version of the brand language used on my portfolio site and other social media platforms. It later evolved into the logo presented below. The concept of Shy Robo Telesys branding was heavily influenced by The Designer's Republic, the WipEout series and other geometric, futurist design languages.
art ig logo test-01_edited.png
Shy Robo Telesys v2.0
This is the most current evolution of the Shy Robo Telesys logo. The main focus was to keep the complimentary color pallet, yet create a more minimalist design that was easier on the viewer's eyes.
srt mobile web prototype.jpg
Shy Robo Telesys v2.0 (Mobile)
This was a prototype for a mobile based portfolio site, created through Figma. It heavily influenced the desktop version of my current portfolio site.

Content Creation / Assets

Twitch - Overlay Concepts
Twitch - Type 4 Standby Screen
Twitch - Type 4 Live Overlay
Twitch - GT Standby Screen
Twitch - GT Live Overlay
Twitch - Self Promotion
Twitch - WipEout Live Overlay
These are a collection of concepts for my current Twitch channel. It is heavily inspired by arcade titles I grew up playing, such as the WipEout and Ridge Racer series' respectively. The channel will revolve around retro and modern racing titles, ranging from arcade to sim games.

Ridge Racer © Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

WipEout © Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Gran Turismo © Polyphony Digital Inc., Sony Interactive Entertainment.
Thumbnail Gallery
LRA Start - Let's Play Sonic Colors
LRA Start - Let's Play Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Skrapbook Series - Schedule Thumbnail
These are a collection of thumbnails for my content creation projects, mainly on YouTube.

Sonic, Wisps, Sonic Colors © Sega.

Kirby, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse © Nintendo.
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